Joy (cithra) wrote,


Too much Harlan Ellison? One too many episodes of the Prisoner? Or just a bizarre love of octagons? I don't know the answer, but something possessed me to spend the afternoon today watching the Fox Reality *wince, shudder* show Solitary v2.0.

As I was telling faintheart, I generally loathe "reality" television. But I found myself drawn into this one, and we ended up watching the mini-marathon of all the episodes so far, I think about four hours worth. The SF-like setting is part of the lure, I'm certain. The other part may well be that it's the first of these sorts of show that I can imagine competing in myself. Or at least I could at the beginning of the episodes, when it seemed like the isolation was going to be the major test. Later it became apparent that I'd never last through the physical 'treatments' were I miraculously to become photogenic or contentious enough to survive the casting call. Hmm, I imagine that's part of it as well - since the 'guests' are all isolated from each other, they can't get into the stupid high-drama fights over nothing that serve to make things "exciting".

Worse yet, I'm actually involved and curious enough to consider trying to arrange to watch the remaining episodes as they appear. I begin to feel myself one sick puppy.

[Sorry about the abundance of quotation marks - single quotes are the show's designations; double quotes are my snark.]

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