Joy (cithra) wrote,

OPM roundup

The good news is that if I keep my premiums up to date (already done) I qualify for a 31-day extension of my health insurance. So I believe I won't have to go through the convert-unconvert rigamarole.

The bad news is that Representative McDermott's office wasn't very successful in providing help. My contact's contact sort of fell off the map, and there was much leaving of messages without return calls, what a surprise. Now she's going on vacation - but that doesn't bother me as much as it might because of the next paragraph.

The mixed news is I got a call back today from the woman at OPM who'd just gotten my case on the 6th, saying that she was back from vacation, still had my case, and would start working on it on Monday. Add 15 business days and we're half way through September.

I've been so angry about this for so long that I've maxed something out; my emotions are just sort of flat right now. Flat affect. I'll believe this is resolved when I get the letter in the mail, if.

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