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Yesterday morning I read Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann. It's an um, action romance? romance with action? thrilling romance? romantic thriller? I forget exactly what category by brother used to describe it, but it was an enjoyable light read. Fast-paced, engrossing, and fairly complex for anything with the title embossed in hot pink foil and a blurb from Romantic Times on the back cover.

It's listed as part of the Troubleshooter series, which apparently follows the group of main characters seen in the book - which as book 8 of 12 is coming in a trifle late, I suppose - composed of Navy SEALs, ex-Navy SEALs and an FBI counter-terrorist team primarily.

I enjoyed reading it, and really liked how she handled the interplay of the different characters - who, in a romance novel first in my experience, are not all heterosexual. Kind of refreshing. It would be a good airplane book, and it was great to have around yesterday because getting drawn into reading it pulled me out of kind of a problematic and unpleasantly funky mood, for which I am grateful. Thanks again for lending it to me, faintheart.
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