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I have cool friends.

I really do. Not only do they rally something fierce for me, I can be completely flaky at times and it's ok.
Even the people with whom I've been having friction. Even the ones I haven't talked to in a long time.
The core group that I'm thinking of, I've known most of them for over a decade. We've lived together, traveled together, dated and married each other... It probably helps that skiffy-gamer geeks are a fairly clannish sort already. Most of us met each other in the WWU Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, or the Kate Bush club.

I'm still amazed - they call and email to tell me it's ok, I'm ok, even when I haven't been around for almost a month solid. They say "come hang out with me and spend the night" just when I'm thinking that I'd really prefer not to be alone. They let me sob my heart out and it doesn't matter if its death or hormones or unclean living that makes me do so. I'm sure some of my angst today comes from my recent behavior of actively or passively looking for new friends - not that it's bad to collect new friends, just if it happens at the expense of the old ones.

When I think about people I know at work, for example, I feel really lucky to have this extended chosen family. Even when we get on each other's nerves - like blood kin - there's still a bond. It's a group of creative, intelligent, eclectic people without whom my life would be immeasurably poorer. They've kept me alive in more ways than one - jury's still out on whether that's entirely a good thing, but it's certainly a true one.

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