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The Steep Approach to Garbadale

I have finished - sort of - Iain Bank's (no 'M' ergo mainstream not SF) latest novel The Steep Approach to Garbadale. I say sort of because I got the audiobook from iTunes before I ascertained that the UW bookstore had copies. (Yay Duane!) I'd listened to approximately half of it when my hardcopy showed up, so of course I had to look at it, and sat and finished reading it. I am still going to finish listening to it, it's lovely to hear all the different voices and accents as read by Peter Kenny. And then I'll likely go back and read the book from the beginning, because I'm not always sure some of the people are saying what I think they said... In any case, you can probably guess I like it, since I'm taking it in using two different formats and will have probably read it a minimum of three times total before I'm done.
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