Joy (cithra) wrote,

Re-read The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin over the last couple of weeks, in bits and pieces. It's one of the few utopian novels I have read where the society as designed might actually work - instead of being set up to be knocked down, philosophically elegant but entirely unworkable at a day-to-day level even with all the inherent hand-waving.

Also, it's rather grim as far as ideal societies go - the Odonists live very close to the line between success and starvation. There is no superabundance of anything except principles on Annares. Yet I would still call it a utopian novel rather than a dystopian one. I don't think I would really like to live on either Annares or Urras, but given the choice I'd opt to go with the anarchists.
Tags: books

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