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and so it goes

I try to respect the Washington Post, as much as I respect any corporate bastion of the news media, and I have on occasion even gleaned useful information from their offerings. When I was a Fed, I followed In The Loop and the like rather regularly. It is a news organ associated with some impressive historical issues and reporting.

Then they decide to run an in-depth expose of -- Hillary Clinton's neckline. Yes, it was in the fashion section, under Arts & Living. What gets me is the whole exercise is essentially: Look! Boobies! News Flash: this Clinton has breasts! OMFG!!1!! Truth to tell, if I'd just seen the photo run with a regular news story about actual news - like the speech on education she was making - I doubt I would have noticed. Clearly my subscription to Vogue has done me no good at all.

I'm beyond hoping the fashion discussions and the political discussions can be separated. There are plenty of people interested in what women in power wear - see Vogue above. There's a huge industry deeply fascinated and profoundly moved by things like what boots Condoleeza Rice wore yesterday. I wish the men's clothing got such a thorough analysis, though:
At the press conference today President George W. Bush wore his signature rigidly pressed suit, quietly accessorized with his alma mater's tie, signaling his continued unwillingness to reconsider or compromise. Crispness is common in men's couture, but Bush as usual has nailed down one end of the spectrum for his own. Like his policy, his wardrobe seems cast in stone. Oh well.

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