Joy (cithra) wrote,

Apparently the tree in our back yard is on an accelerated schedule, and is working its way into autumn. Over the last three days of so it has covered the yard in leaves. I am not sure what kind of tree it is - someone hazarded the guess of pecan a while back, but I haven't seen any nuts yet. Just lots of shed yellow leaves.

I have been indulging myself in Lush products. In particular I have been trying out the various bath ballistics. My favorite is still the very first one I ever used, Ne Worry Pas. That is the only one I've used more than once so far. Yesterday's might become a favorite, though: the Avobath. I'd been avoiding it, in spite of it's lovely green color, because the name made me think of avocados, and smelling like guacamole isn't really one of my goals. It does have avocado oil, but the scent is lemongrass and bergamot.

Hmm. Bergamot is one of the ingredients in Ne Worry Pas as well. Truly, I'm not surprised to find my favorites being citrus/bergamot pairings, since I like that sort of thing in my tea. And as much as I like the idea of lots of little floating bits of flowers and paper favors, I like the plain ones better in terms of scent and feel. That extends to bubbles as well, sadly. Their bubble bars are great, and make great bubble baths, but I'm not a big fan of the solo bubble bath. Bubbles are more of a partner thing, for me, and I will certainly revisit the issue should I find myself significantly othered.

The other thing I am about to try is their Volcano foot mask. I have feet, contrary to popular opinion, and they are as odd as the rest of me. Volcano gets rave reviews on the website from people who sound like they get the same kind of calluses and peeling/cracking that I do, so I am looking forward to seeing the results. It's on the agenda for the afternoon, especially if it stays rainy.

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