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ok - Terrafactive Armageddon

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July 10th, 2007

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08:32 am - ok
The computer room/ office is the least smoky room in the house, at the moment. Most of the house is cleared out, we have all the fans going and the doors and windows open. Everything is fine except for the smell, at this point. We just had a possible small fire and a definite severe scorching of a towel in the microwave.

My mother was heating it to use as a hot-pack, and we were talking about something somewhat involving - which subject I have now entirely forgotten - and then smoke was pouring from the microwave. She pulled the towel out and threw it in the sink and ran cold water on it, but not before it put out more smoke that I thought possible from a hand-towel sized piece of cloth. I have to wonder if it wasn't treated fabric, or poly-cotton blend, or something, because this smoke is fouler than most anything I've encountered save burning plastic.

I was having trouble breathing for a while, and a damp washcloth helped some, but I'm still a little scratchy. Mom is fine, being about a foot shorter than I am gave her a big advantage for once. Nothing to call the siren-folks for; the disturbance was so mild Xiombarg didn't even bother to get up off my bed and hide. Adrenaline and excitement for me even so, whee. As far as I can tell, now everything is fine.

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