Joy (cithra) wrote,

two phrases I hate

flip-flop (er, ing) - in the political sense. It annoys me that everything from conveniently changing stated positions regardless of belief to the possibility of seeing reason gets this label. You know, the alternative is King George, the Torturer in Chief, aka the Great Decider Who Never Backs Down - and that has worked out so well for the country. Yeah.

Also, flip-flops are shoes. The kind of shoes I call thongs. Not to be confused with the type of lingerie, which I suppose segues into:

money shot - eww. Just eww. Not how I want the core part of anything I'm interested in portrayed. Ick. How about "gist" - it's even shorter, if it's laboriously tying out "the most important part of what I am talking about" you are trying to avoid by this odious shorthand. Or "core." Or "good bits." Or even, for brevity and nostalgia both, "key." Otherwise I'm tempted to hand you a box of tissues and shoo you off home.

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