Joy (cithra) wrote,

book finished

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott

I enjoyed it - I zipped through it, and I can see why it was the number 1 recommended book at the Books on Writing panel I attended at Norwescon last. I know now it isn't the book I was thinking of (which has some kind of dinner party discussion going on, maybe I dreamed it, but there is something about serial birds in the title, I think) but I'm glad to have finally sat down (on Andrea's recommendation) and read it.

I do write much in the fashion she advocates, although all I've ended up with over the years is a sort of serial rambling autobiography, which may amuse people after I'm dead but which I decline to share the majority of during these prehumous times. I think taking a class from her would be a hoot, but according to the page linked to above she's not teaching writing classes any more, alas.

It's an entertaining book that I think even people who don't want to write would find amusing.
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