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Back on the west coast

Happy to be home, with my kitty. I had to laugh at myself - Chris and Ben picked me up a the airport; how my heart leapt to see them! So much for the cat who walks by herself. :) Really, it was a fine thing and a great relief to be able to speak without considering how my words would be interpreted (in the sense of would my audience understand what I was talking about).

I don't regret going - I learned a lot of things, not all of which I can put into words at the moment.

The only strange note so far was running into Dwight-my-Landlord as we were arriving home, and his solemn insistence he needed to speak with me. Oh hell, I wonder if the rent check didn't clear. At the time I thought it was probably just that I had given notice. Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Update - just checked my account, and the rent check cleared ok. Hmmm...

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