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Our flora - Terrafactive Armageddon

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June 18th, 2007

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08:40 am - Our flora
I took some photos with my cell phone of the flowers currently around the house. A number of the ones in the backyard are types I am not familiar with, but they are still pretty. Then at the last is the stealth geranium, which I find highly amusing. (I'm not sure how the quality of the pictures will hold up - it is just a cell phone after all.)

wildflowers wildflowers
There are tons of these blue and white wildflowers from the backyard - I have no idea what they are.
tomatoes and poppies tomatoes and poppies
Mom's tomato plants in the pot, with California poppies and other wildflowers, in backyard
view from the deck view from the deck
Tiger lilies, the blue & white flowers, and the hummingbird feeder
stealth geranium stealth geranium
We didn't know it had bloomed until I noticed it from outside the house here; the flower is completely hidden by the lampshade when viewed from the livingroom inside.

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