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I guess I missed the memo for the meeting of the cabal today. Awful damn quiet in this neck of the woods.

Not that I've been terribly verbose of late myself. *shrug* Time keeps on ticking, and all that. My back has finally returned to something approximating normal, which is a relief in more ways than one.

Lights Out for the Territory , the Iain Sinclair book I got out of the library from a recommendation in Neil Gaiman's blog, was a fascinating exercise in style that ultimately eluded me. Too much of it relied on references to a UK cultural background and knowledge of London that I lack. It was intriguing and frustrating all at once. That said, stylistically it succeeded even for me in my abysmal lack of clue. I was strongly reminded of a recording I have of The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels, a performance art piece by Alan Moore, David J and Tim Perkins.

So it's back to Margaret Atwood, with Cat's Eye on top of the pile.
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