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writing my representative - Terrafactive Armageddon

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June 14th, 2007

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08:24 am - writing my representative
So now, waiting for the carrier to pick it up, with postage galore affixed, out on the front porch, there is my letter. I have formally asked my congressional representative to poke OPM and IRS with a poin-ted stick, and get them to finalize my retirement before my interim health insurance benefits expire at the beginning of September. They've only had since March 2006 to take care of it, after all. Although apparently OPM didn't actually get my records from IRS until May 2007.

My rep. is Jim McDermott, and his website says provide a short letter and any useful documentation along with the downloadable information release form. I was as brief as possible and it still took a page and a half to explain; I ended up with four enclosures between the release form and documenting my resignation date, my approval, and the expiration date of my temporary health benefits coverage.

I'm sure there are simple situations in my life on occasion, I just must not ever notice them.

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