Joy (cithra) wrote,

disability retirement follies

OPM is still processing my case - it went to review (finally, after I managed to convince the personnel branch at IRS that they needed to send my records to the NRC where they should have gone right after I departed in March of 2006) on 23 May. When they actually get around to looking at it, it will take 2-3 weeks to process if everything is there. (Something I have absolutely no control over, of course.) If not, who knows.

The major problem is since the IRS sat on my files for over a year before sending them (under duress) to the OPM, my 18 months of COBRA insurance coverage are rapidly coming to a close. Specifically, in September. At that point I will apparently have to talk to the insurance company and to pay for coverage until my case is done being adjudicated. I'm already paying premiums that are three times more than I should be paying as a retiree. After September I have no idea how much more it will cost to keep my insurance.

And I really have to keep it, because as I was saying to celyn100 earlier, my new hobby seems to be participating in exciting medical procedures. This is already plenty expensive under my current insurance coverage...

My mom suggested I talk to someone political, and while I hate to be someone who whines to their Representative for special intervention, I'm starting to think Mom's got the right idea. I don't really need any particularly special treatment, in any case - I just need the people processing my case to do their job in a timely fashion.

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