Joy (cithra) wrote,

Ah, the sound of blood boiling in the morning.

A quote posted in Jonathan Carroll's blog:
Half angry he says, "Women are so damned hypocritical. They spend hours preparing to go out. Carefully bathe and do their nails. Put on the makeup, choose the right outfit, try on different clothes... Hours. But when they do go out and a stranger stares at them or shows any obvious sign of appreciation, most women get annoyed or even disgusted. It's like a cook spends a long time preparing a great meal, but if you eat it and show any sign of appreciation, this cook gets offended."

'Cause you know, it's not like we are people or anything, who might be doing the dressing-up and pampering for our own personal enjoyment... we're just laying out a spread for the men to enjoy. *nods*

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