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I think we are officially done with this house, and are starting to… - Terrafactive Armageddon

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May 26th, 2007

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06:20 am
I think we are officially done with this house, and are starting to look for somewhere to move after our lease is up in October. The place must have no insulation to speak of, as it becomes just as unseasonably hot inside when the weather is at all warm as it became insanely cold inside during the winter. Both our electric bill and our water bill have been higher than either of us cares for, in spite of various conservation measures.

Outside, whoever landscaped the back yard failed to put any burlap or such down before they sculpted the pond basin, so now it is a forrest of weeds I am unwilling to tackle. Then there is all the other little nit-pick stuff. And the ants, who are mostly in remission at the moment as far as the kitchen goes, but I did find some in the utility room yesterday so I've got bait there now as well.

So we are back in the market for a 3 BR apartment, somewhere in the city. We're not going to restrict ourselves to West Seattle this time - in fact we were talking about looking at things downtown around First Hill, where I was living before I moved in with uly & cjot. A plus of that neighborhood is it is where the bulk of both our medical providers are located (Swedish & the Polyclinic) so that would eliminate a two-bus commute for us.

It's a little premature to be hunting really hard at the moment, but it's about the right time to start getting on waiting lists, I imagine.

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Date:May 28th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
Oh darn, so sorry to hear that the house isn't working for you!! It had such an idyllic appearance!

I know how evil the absence of insulation can be. Spending a summer in Portland in the third story of a house nearly killed me. Ice water in bowl, feet in ice water - that was me for about three months.

I hope your back feels better & all works out for the best...

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