Joy (cithra) wrote,

dollar store goodness

Yesterday I stopped by Daiso, in the Westlake Center mall, recommended to me by vorona. Many thanks!

Wow. I'm in love, and I wish I could read kanji. Everything you could want to furnish your house, and then some! I got myself a small ladle (a lack I noted while making vegetarian chili a week or so ago), a name-card case (something I'd been looking for ever since I ordered a set of free-but-for-shipping business cards), and some interesting looking bath-additive (I'm not sure if it's bubble bath or just bath salts) that I think is jasmine scented, I haven't tried them yet. I could have gotten much more, but I was being careful about not ending up with a zillion things.

I will definitely go back, though. Lots of different types of storage containers, organizers, baskets, and so forth - as well as cool pens and stationary. Whee!

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