Joy (cithra) wrote,


I've started to get spam that I find extremely offensive, inviting me to do things like "learn how to take revenge the way a shaman would".

On so many levels, that's just wrong. I've been sitting here trying to sum up, but... It keeps irritating me, so I'm hoping that complaining about it in semi-public will be cathartic, at least.

It probably pisses me off as much as it does because I've done some shamanic work, and it has nothing to do with anything so petty - the exact opposite, in fact. I found the experience moving, among other things, which is doubtless why it irks me so much to get this kind of junk.

I'm also annoyed by the assumption that as a random fact of my life, I must have someone or something I want to take revenge for, or on. Is the population at large really a seething mass of the obsessive wronged?

It's crazy to take any of this personally, I know. File it all under my usual bemusement at human behavior.

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