Joy (cithra) wrote,

If you are as cranky about yesterday's Supreme Court decision as I am, here's a way to speak up. Planned Parenthood has put together an action team and is collecting names to be forwarded to Congress attached to the following message:

In the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision, I am joining with hundreds of thousands of people all across America who are standing together to declare that America won't stand for abortion bans that threaten women's health.

I believe that a woman's personal medical decisions should be made by her, in ways consistent with her own values and in consultation with her doctor and family. And I am deeply offended by politicians acting to take these intensely private decisions out of women's hands.

My message to politicians seeking to capitalize on the Supreme Court's reckless decision is clear and simple: We won't let you get away with it.
[Your name]
[Your address]

I'm not usually convinced of the efficacy of internet pledge drives, but Planned Parenthood is a group I trust and suport. Thanks mcjulie for the pointer.

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