Joy (cithra) wrote,

Mea Maxima Culpa

I owe mcjulie and canyonwren an apology, since I failed to attend the Goth House tea at Norwescon yesterday. I came down with a headache that refuses to depart even today, so I hope I will be forgiven for my absence.

It also means that I will be giving the con a miss today, in order to dose myself with ibuprofen and napping. It's annoying but I would be exceptionally poor company, so I think it is for the best.

At least I think I may have discovered that the two or three most egregious health problems that have been plaguing me of late may be medication related, and so somewhat more easily solvable than I was beginning to suspect. But when issues I have been having for two months correspond well with possible side-effects of a medication I started taking since two months ago, I find it highly suspicious. So I am discontinuing it, and we shall see how I feel in two weeks when it has worked its way out of my system.

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