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Work yesterday was a giant mess - I left early because it was making me even more crazy than usual. I'm very good at focusing on my work and ignoring my surroundings (including the endless babble from psycho-ex-boss and the personnel idiots), but that involves actually having something worthwhile to focus on. By the time I left I felt pretty ugly, and took refuge in sleep.

Fortunately amnotsurly called a bit later and enticed me out to coffee. It was a little later than we're usually there (the schedule shift thing) so it was interesting to see the different crowd composition. rwx graced us with his greetings as he wandered through, and greenwood showed up for a bit just before we left, leaving with us to walk the length of Broadway.

On the way home I stopped by the Mercury. A habit? I'm not sure. I still don't feel like I fit in well, although I see people I know and they're friendly. I wanted to pay for the glass I broke on Saturday evening, but neither the gentleman at the door nor the gentleman at the bar (who said he managed the place) would let me. So I stuck what I felt was an appropriate amount in the tip jar whilst unobserved. I have my own rituals and rules about honor, I guess. Actually I just go by my feelings, and I felt I needed to make some sort of restitution, so there you go. Took my diet cola off to bother Necronyx for a bit, met DarkGoddessKali, someone named Sam, and re-met Marc17. I'm afraid in retrospect I was rudely honest - he asked me if I was around on the boards or just a friend of Williams, and I told him without thinking that we'd met five or six times before over the past five or six years. He didn't say anything more to me, and later it hit me he might have thought I was being accusatory. But really, I see him all the time on and off the street, and he never remembers me. I've been introduced to him by C-ko alone at least twice - and I'm talking both pre- and post-surgery here. I live in a blind spot for him, or something - and that's all I meant by my comment. Oops - though maybe having been offensive this time around, my memory will last.

Today I have my pre-surgery appointment with the anesthesia folks and stuff. This is probably where I tell them 'no heroic measures' or such-like as well. I can't remember from last time, but it seems reasonable. So its out to the UWMC mid-morning and then depending on how long that takes I'll decide whether work deserves my glorious presence.

I did at least also make some headway on the homework. Egads I'm slow at this. It's a sign of my intrinsic laziness that I've always shied away from anything that took much work school-wise, preferring the stuff that comes naturally like writing and social speculation/observation...

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