Joy (cithra) wrote,


Yesterday was a full day. Cat to the vet in the morning, Costco and a car crash in the afternoon, bad SF movies in the evening.

Friday the stars finally aligned such that I got together with tani_chick and thingunderthest for knitting and dinner. New favorite noodles: the bright green buckwheat grass noodles at the Shanghai Garden. I had a fantastic time.

Saturday morning faintheart was kind enough to give the cat and I a ride to the vet. It went astonishingly well, little resistance on Xiombarg's part and almost no wait time at the clinic. Got her ears cleaned - just wax, no mites, yay! - and her claws clipped with a minimum of fuss. She's lost a pound, which is good as she is still a fairly hefty 11.5 lbs even so. Otherwise she has a clean bill of health, barring something odd in the geriatric screening blood work, which will come back from the lab on Monday. So I am much relieved.

We brought her back home and then set out on a grocery run to Costco, having collected a list from my mom. I had some jeans to return that were the wrong size as well. The shopping went pretty well, we were able to get all the list items plus some other things I wanted. But I managed not to go crazy and buy 50 pallets of canned goods to 'stock up' - as well as successfully avoiding ambush by the flat of cream puffs that attempted to leap into the cart. Sneaky bastards.

Then, alas, as we were heading over to the gasoline pumps to fill up, a gentleman in a white truck backed into us. I was pretty damn lucky, since he hit my side of the car, but the rear door. Here are pictures of the damage:

There was much phoning of insurance people and collecting of information, and then we finally made it back home.

I dinked around on the computer and colored mandalas while Ted surfed the TV between Top Design and bad SF movies. The Sci Fi channel has been busy providing work for alumni from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show, and the movie Starship Troopers, it appears. Nicholas Brendon had a lead in last night's Fire Serpent (which we watched despite the caveat of it being "From the mind of William Shatner") and I tried (but failed) to watch Amber Benson in Gryphon a few weeks back. Casper von Dien was the lead in The Fallen Ones the other night, and last night's Project Viper starred Patrick Muldoon. It's a fine thing, if only the vehicles they were being provided were a little less rickety... I sincerely doubt Fire Serpent is up for any Oscars, for example. *snort*

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