Joy (cithra) wrote,

Finally got around to cleaning up the majority of the brush-fall in the back-yard. Amazing what will fall out of a tree in a windstorm when it's been cut and left hanging.

I suspect the contractors the gentleman living next door hired to denude^H^H^H trim the trees in his backyard were unwilling to ask to come into our backyard to collect branches they cut off OUR tree. (Under the excuse that they were threatening to fall into said neighbor's yard, of course, see above.) Sigh. What was a beautiful fir tree that was part of what made the backyard so enticing before we moved in now appears to sport a bad case of mange.

So it looks like they failed to collect anything they had cut but could not reach from the adjacent yard. A fair number of these limbs are large enough someone is going to have to take a saw to them before we have any hope of getting them into the yard waste container. I may see about having them hauled away intact.

So instead of my usual 10-minute walk today I hauled tree-parts around. Go me.

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