Joy (cithra) wrote,

follow up

Well, I needed the boots today after all, not for downtown but to get from my place to the bus stop over the last few patches of ice. Probably the last few patches of ice in the city, bitchwhinemoan. Actually I know that isn't the case, since there was still ice on the road up on the top of the California hill and on the Thistle hill between 41st & 35th. The bus driver coming home was doing fine and focused - a little too focused, since I had to both ring the bell and shout "this stop please!" when we got to 34th. Otherwise I'd be typing this from Target in the Westwood Center.

Ok, I exaggerate, but I, like faintheart, am just as happy to see the rain as anything. But myself and my cat-litter got home safe and sound, so all is well.

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