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I'm awake now. I went to the NOAA site to check on the local weather… - Terrafactive Armageddon

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January 13th, 2007

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07:20 am
I'm awake now. I went to the NOAA site to check on the local weather forecast, and as usual clicked on the red Special Weather Statement link, expecting something on the order of more snow, or be careful of icy conditions, etc.

Instead, I find that as of 2:55 AM PST the tsunami advisory for the entire west coast of the USA is no longer in effect.

Um. Nothing like learning you're out of danger when you weren't aware you were in danger in the first place. Talk about useless surges of adrenaline. I think their wording is perhaps a little over-dramatic.

In any case, I found the cool West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center page. It lists events and advisories and so forth on a big map with mouse-overs. It also lists the events in a table below, in case the mouse-overs misbehave.

Aha, it appears there was an 8.2 magnitude earthquake at the root of this. I'll forgive the high-drama wording, in that case. I probably should have gone and checked the news first, but that's adrenaline for you.

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