Joy (cithra) wrote,

in which I question and blaspheme

Here's part of what brought me to my animistic quasi-agnostic spiritual beliefs

So many of the monotheistic versions of the universe have such huge design flaws that really it's an insult to insist that an omnipotent, omniscent deity would be the author. I can't call any system that requires the sacrificial death of anyone an A+ version of the world, for example. If I can see that requirement as problematic, surely a perfect god could envision and plan better. Ergo, I have trouble believing any such creature was in charge of putting this place together.

I mean, why design a universe that required blood sacrifice? Hiding behind the ineffability of the divine is no good answer, because there's no reason that same ineffability couldn't have constructed things differently. Why waste so much energy insisting one tribe or class or sex is better or more worthy or chosen over another?

I feel a fairly strong spiritual connection to the world, at times, but its quality is such that I have no problem believing it is just another facet of of the natural world. It's bolstered by things like quantum mechanics and the mystery involved is a difficulty of linear description and communication rather than an innate impenetrable illogic. It's full of allegory and symbolism and an awareness of the importance of context and angle of view. It regards the universe as sufficient unto itself. It admits multiple descriptions of truth, while requiring a certain sense of balance and equilibrium and internal logical consistency from those descriptions.

I guess this stuff is on my mind lately because of rooming with my devoutly LDS mother. Not to imply she is proselytizing or even really part of bringing it up at all - just because she brings with her all the trappings and habits and reactions of her belief, making a fairly constant reminder.

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