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If I lived here in Hawaii I would have to watch myself or I'd eat nothing but pineapple, rice balls, and malasadas. The latter are these amazing Portuguese donut-things, fried dough balls that can be plain or custard-filled. We stopped at Leonard's Bakery on the way out of town yesterday and bought some on the recommendation of our table-mates at Lisa & Jon's wedding. They're amazing warm - the sort of thing Krispy Kreme is aspiring to be. They're not bad cold later either, which I was a little afraid of. We tried the filled version: coconut, chocolate and guava custards were all delish.

The hotel has been serving us breakfast, and they've had some interesting offerings. One of these is sesame green beans. I am not really used to them as a breakfast food, but we have a refrigerator in our room so I have taken to bringing some back and stashing them for snacks later in the day. Somehow if I haven't had them for dinner the evening before my taste-buds are confused if I try to eat them for breakfast. They also offer miso soup, an asian salad and some type of sushi for breakfast as well. Perhaps it's what people eat for breakfast in Japan, since there are a lot of our fellow tourists here at the hotel who appear to be Japanese.

They've also had some local puddings that I've tried - tasty but too sweet for me to eat much of without running into trouble. And fresh pineapple, which is to die for. I like pineapple even if it's been sitting in a can over on the mainland, so the fresh version here is positively heavenly.

I could go on and on - the dinner at the wedding was amazing and delicious, although I'm at a loss to name most of what I ate. I was fortunate to be following a fellow in line from our table who was local, so he could point out what was and was not meat-free. He named everything as well, but that pretty much sailed in one ear and out the other - I'm bad with names on a good day. It was all good, and my impressions from my fellow diners indicated that the meat and seafood dishes were fantastic as well.

Yesterday after we were out visiting Wahiawa and the botanical gardens we stopped for lunch at the Victoria Ward shopping center. We were lured in by clouds of barbecue smoke, and ended up getting lunches of chicken for the carnivores and rice balls for me at a stand called Stanley's (I think). Wonderful stuff was the vote from all around - the bag lunches had 1/2 a barbecue chicken, two rice balls, kimchee and a drink. I just got two rice balls ala carte and a Jamba Juice over across the way - we sat and ate at the tables there. The rice was just what I wanted, nice and sticky, in a triangle shape with a piece of nori wrapped around it.

I am looking forward to lunch this afternoon at Lisa's since she mentioned her father was cooking. Since my gastric bypass surgery (and my vegetarianism) limits what I can eat, I doubt I'll be seeing any major luau action, but it really doesn't disappoint me since I've had plenty of delicious dining already.

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