Joy (cithra) wrote,

quest for tiles

Back in the day there used to be two games I would play on my friend's Macintosh computer: Spaceward Ho!, and Shanghai, or mahjong tile-matching solitaire.

About a decade later I'd distract myself from working on my thesis by playing Shanghai on the Mac classic I was borrowing to compose it. I even used it as a motivational ploy - I'd let myself play a game if I finished a chapter, say.

Now, another decade later I've had a PowerBook for a couple of years, and have been desultorily searching for a copy of the game of my very own. Without much luck, although I've bought and tried out a number of tile solitaire games, and found a number of versions to play on the web. None of them were quite what I wanted, though.

Clearly I was looking in the wrong places - I should have tried Wikipedia earlier on, as when I looked up the link above I found a pointer to a Solitaire Mahjongg page that looks amazingly exhaustive.

Part of the problem here is orthographic - mahjong being Chinese combined with various trademark actions means there are multiple spelling variations. I'd Googled, but not for a *gg version of the spelling, and I believe I only searched on mah jong or mah-jong and not mahjong.

So I'm looking forward to combing through Mr. Petersen's site. He's a librarian from Norway. I'm delighted to be reading a Norwegian website about a Chinese tile game ported to the computer by a guy at the University of Illinois, USA. This is why I love the net, in spite of all its irritations.

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