Joy (cithra) wrote,

better living thru dentistry

Today I go to the periodontist to have a post placed for an dental implant. I've decided to think of it as an extraction in reverse, since the procedure is done under local. The do give you tranquilizers to take, and since the instructions were to take the first one last night, I am sufficiently woozy to be happy grouchychris has agreed to play the role of chauffeur. They say "don't drive" but I had been planning on taking the bus per usual - the office instructed me otherwise. And I can understand why now, since I can easily imagine drifting off to sleep in transit and waking up in Ballard.

This should be the beginning of the end of the braces, seeing as the reason I got them in the first place was to set things up properly for this implant. That will be a relief.

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