Joy (cithra) wrote,

snob update

So I had grumped myself into deciding to avoid the Bellevue Square mall and ordering what I wanted from the Lush website instead. But horrors! the particular product I wanted was out of stock on the site.

I phoned the Bellevue store and inquired, and was reassured they, at least, had "tons" in stock. So I stopped there on my way to my mother's place after all and fulfilled my desires for scented stuff. Fairly easily done - since I don't have a tub I can avoid the blandishments of the bath products, and I still tend to prefer to be relatively unscented, I can resist getting an entire suite of products to use together.

Back when I used to sell Avon they recommended "layering" your fragrance: buying and applying soap-shampoo-talc-body spray-deoderant AND eau de toilet all with the same scent. Those are the people with perfume so strong you can taste it. Blech.

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