Joy (cithra) wrote,

How very unsurprising that Bellevue Square Mall (or the Bellevue Collection, as it has metastasized into) fails to mention how to arrive at their "shopping resort destination" by transit. *whispers* You know, the bus. *disdainful shudder*

They do spend four paragraphs rhapsodizing about how much free parking they have, though.

It is extra irksome as the mall is an entire two blocks away from the Bellevue Transit Center. Perhaps the information is merely deeply buried, or my search-fu is wonky this morning. I was trying to sanity-check my memory of whether it made a shorter walk to get off at the BTC or the stop just prior, based on the part of the mall-conglomerate containing my destination.

I was planning to stop by Lush on my way to my mother's today, but I'm annoyed enough by the attitude oozing from their chosen location that I may change my mind. I should go to Lush's site and check S&H - it's cooler now so I can probably expect my order to show up non-liquified. Meh.

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