Joy (cithra) wrote,


(inflection ala Cat from Red Dwarf)

The Department of State wishes me to submit more information/documentation before they are willing to believe I am who I say I am, and issue me a passport.

I'm torn between irritated, pleased, and mildly flattered. I'm a little relieved that they want more than just the birth certificate (which they absconded with, and damn well better return with said passport) as documentation, and annoyed that they just didn't ask for additional ID documents as part of the application process.

I really doubt that I should be flattered, whether or not this is merely the new routine for all applicants or I have been labeled a Dangerous Freethinker or some-such. But at least the obscure pleasure offsets the tedium of digging out and photocopying and mailing off the additional information.

Interestingly enough, they want me to return the letter they sent me with my submission. One more photocopy to add to the list.

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