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The overcast this morning really affected my mood in a negative manner. Maybe that's why people move to Arizona.

I hate it when stores have a sale on something one week, and then change the price but not the display the next week, so that if you aren't paying close attention, you suddenly find yourself paying twice as much for something that isn't that great of a deal in the first place. I hate it the most when I get caught by it. Grump.

If anyone reading this just happens to know of a 3 BR (or largish 2 BR) apartment for rent in West Seattle that would be suitable for an 80-yr-old, a 40-yr-old and a cat, I'd love to know about it. For suitable read: accessible (elevator/minimum stairs), allows cats, and preferably has a washer/dryer in the unit, but on the same floor would be ok. We're not at all desperate, but I have reached the point where most of the daily search results are places we've looked at and dismissed as unsuitable.

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