Joy (cithra) wrote,

in Ellensburg, for the night

We decided to call it a night here, because we can still get back to Seattle early enough tomorrow to not be too remiss in taking our various medications. Which is the real reason we both have to hurry back - even though we both brought extra doses, we didn't anticipate and bring enough extra doses for the amount of time thru tomorrow.

I'm happy to be connected again - the super 8 in La Grande was supposed to have wireless access, but their vendor was having trouble getting the project completed. So that's what's up with the strangely time-stamped posts, I wrote them off line. I suppose I should have switched options to date posts from the time the window was opened, but I failed to remember that was an option until just now. Ah well.

It will be good to get home. In keeping with the weekend's theme of Murphy, the motel key-card programming machine was on the blink when we arrived, requiring them to escort us to our room and let us in with the pass-key, and then deliver our newly minted key-cards later when the machine was repaired. Fortune favored us with only a small wait for this, thankfully.

The cat probably thinks I've abandoned her again. Moh.

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