Joy (cithra) wrote,

random babble

Sadly the apartment had numerous defects of character which could not be overlooked. Stairs in abundance, and the misfortune to be on the bus-line in a fairly tenuous sense. Alack. Surely there must be 3BR apartments located along California somewhere...

It's silly of me to get worked up over people getting worked up over stupid things, but I still find myself wanting to tell the summer fashion police that all their problems would be solved by simply putting their head in a bucket. Preferably one filled with cold water, but sufficient opacity of bucket renders that optional. Out of sight, out of mind. Much better for all concerned, no really, here-let-me-help.

Instead I chortle at the power of my city-roaming thong*-clad feet to inspire terror and loathing.

*aka flip-flops, I'm not really in the habit of podiatric lingerie.

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