Joy (cithra) wrote,

Congratulations to mcjulie who got a last-minute tap to attend Clarion West!

[I'm not even jealous, only mildly envious; I'm not well enough to take advantage of CW right now, among other things. I also have a ways to go before CW could be of true benefit to me, whereas I think she is poised to break out, and this is excellent timing for her career.]

I, on the other hand, continue to wrestle with various

A letter from my insurance company saying I need to send them documentation I have already submitted, AGAIN.

A letter from the TSP people claiming the form we faxed them was incorrectly filled out, so they're mildly confused and aren't going to release my money unless I send them yet another form, have a nice day. I don't even have the form to double-check; the credit union does. Sigh. Guess where I'm headed this morning after my meeting.

A letter from the Federal Insurance board asking for their payment of $800-odd dollars, or my insurance will be cancelled. Since I'd promised them their money based on the TSP rollover actually going thru properly, I'm not sure what to do, other than call them and ask for further reprieve.

All of this makes me want to drown my head in a bucket, or a bottle, so it's fairly remarkable that I had a sober day yesterday. I was rude to people, for which I need to apologize, and I took a very angry nap (so I'm not sure that counts as 'feeling my feelings'), but there you go.

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