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I *heart* Billmon. Check what he has to say on the Left Behind video game and one of their FAQs.

Though he doesn't quote my fave:
  • Who is the target audience for LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces? (age and market segment)

  • Our target audience includes gamers and people looking for an alternative to the standard game offerings. Gamers (typically males from age 13-34) are going to love the deep strategic gameplay. The millions of parents – and many casual players of games – that are looking for entertainment that also offers positive, inspirational content will flock to this title.
(Italics mine - because killing people is always positive and inspirational as long as they are miscreants are branded Evil(tm) by a Christian(tm) authority near & dear to your heart)

Love one another? Turn the other cheek? Bless them that curse you? Pish-effing-tosh! Praise Jesus and pass my shotgun.

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