Joy (cithra) wrote,

ha! I'm all kinds of accomplished today:
  • kept sleep clinic appointment, am good to go for a year

  • returned overdue library book

  • paid fine for overdue book

  • obtained new library card to replace the cancelled one - with a new and different but no shorter nor less full of zeros number to try and retain, oh yay

  • called the High Point housing folks; my mom and I have an appointment to look at a unit next Tuesday - it won't be the flat floor plan, but after prying the information out of them this morning that none of the flat floor plans were even built yet, I switched us to the 'normal' unit list and we are at least going to take a look

  • called the NFC folks about my health insurance premium payments - turns out I'm actually ahead, so there

  • spoke with gpq about taxes for a few moments, it being D-day today - or perhaps T-day would be a better appellation - and made an semi-appointment to chat about some of my financial options in a couple of weeks; yes it seems odd that I need tax planning advice more now that I'm unemployed than I did when otherwise

  • roasted coffee

I will point out that those counting will note that is three phone calls I made today, two of them to strangers.

Now I go to hang out with my cat, who has been mrrting hopefully at me every time I walk thru my room. Part of the Norwescon swag was a copy of each of the DAW 30th anniversary anthologies, so I have yet more reading material to add to the pile. Or maybe a nice nap... yes, that would be a cat-nap, Mr. Suspenders. :)

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