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Norewescon summary - Terrafactive Armageddon

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April 17th, 2006

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08:39 am - Norewescon summary
Fun but exhausting. My body seems to be making sure I'm aware I will be 40 this fall, whether I want to listen or not.

Made it to a nice mix of panels, parties, and hanging about. Missed the art show, damn it, but mostly because I wanted to avoid the cavity search. Translation - I was always carting around things I would have had to check to go into the Art Show area, and in the level of numbers or value that I was uncomfortable doing so.

Saw lots of people, some of whom even saw me back. *evil grin* I won't name names, because I would forget and omit, and prefer not to. I'm neither surprised nor hurt that the folks who failed to recognize me did so. These are the pearls that were my eyes - in other words not only have I been away from conventions mostly for the last ten years or so, my physical looks have changed drastically. Additionally, I'm one of those people who developed the ability to become effectively invisible as a defense mechanism early on, and I'm not always able to turn it off if I'm nervous, the way I am nervous about meeting new people, for example. Look ma, a non-adaptive behavioral remainder.

Came home with a number of book recommendations and without spending too much more money than I wanted. Also a few tidbits of information that were, while ancient history, personally gratifying and ego-bolstering as well. I'm glad I went.

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