Joy (cithra) wrote,

The Nigerian Scam: Christian version.

Subject: From Pastor Daniel Williams,
Date: April 12, 2006 5:34:17 AM PDT

From Pastor Daniel Williams,
Revival Church of Christ.
11 BP 337 Abidjan 11
Cote d'Ivoire.

Dear friend,

I am ,
Pastor Daniel Williams, pastor incharge Revival Church of Christ here
in Abidjan,I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise
nevertheless,I will like you to treat the matter as urgent as you can
once you receive this message, my contact to you is a divine contact
from the direction of our Lord Jesus Christ, hope you will not let down
this trust,as I am quite sure that you are also a believer.

The late
Mrs Elizabeth Najao was a member of this church because of the trust
she had on me as her pastor, before her sudden death she revealed to me
$9.5m her late husband Dr.Stephen Najao deposited in a bank here in
case she did not survive her sickness, I should make an arrangement
with a foreigner in Abroad who will contact the bank as her late
husband business partner to provide an account where the bank will
transfer the money for the future of their two little kids Azu and
Mary, she do not want the money to be invested in this country because
of their enemies, now that Mrs Elizabeth was no longer Alive May her
soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

Please, if this letter touches you
and you are willing to guide this money for this orphans with honesty
and with the fear of God, please just get back to me immediately so
that I will give you more details about the transferand also advice you
on what to do.Feel very free to carry on with this transfer with me as
I have gone to the bank where the money was lodged and confirmed
everything ok, there is no risk involved in this transfer, everything
will go according to the will of God and with hope our God will never
let me down for directing me to you.
I am sending the divine glory of
our Lord and peace to you and your family.
Pastor Daniel Williams

There's not much I consider sacrilegious, but this sort of thing - preying on people's faith - comes pretty damn close.

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