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To do: - Terrafactive Armageddon

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April 10th, 2006

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09:54 am - To do:
coffee roasted - check
laundry gathered - check
doctor phoned - check

obtain cat food
take Mom to airport

Actually hauling the laundry downstairs comes later when I have some more energy. Phoning the doctor was required because the burn ointment she prescribed is not, in fact, over-the-counter so I need her to call the pharmacy & give them a scrip.

The coffee roasting should be self-explanitory.

At Fairfax I found myself trying to make sure I got to make at least the first pot of caffeinated coffee for the day. At times it was a bit of a scramble, there were about five of us coffee-hawks who would lurk about from our natural awakening at 6-ish until the cart with the coffee arrived around 7:30 a.m., nursing various types of tea in the interim. I got to brag about roasting my own coffee, and talk a little bit about how home roasting could be done - although my conversational partner seemed more interested in purchasing an actual roaster, about which I know very little. DIY! modified hot-air popper roasting is my bailiwick, and even that is an exaggeration since uly is the one who has done all of the actual alterations on any of the poppers I have used.

Oh hell, I can feel the gabapentin drowsiness kicking in. Or rather: hurrah! a reason to drink some more coffee!

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