Joy (cithra) wrote,

enter theme two

I know there is better terminology for when a musical theme is introduced in a piece, but the gabapentin I am currently taking (but only for two more weeks, thank the stars and the void that spawned us) has one side effect that really gets me: my vocabulary is damaged to the point of being nigh incommunicado verbally. Writing (obviously) is a little better, but only really in the sense that I can remember multi-syllable words better for some reason while writing/typing than while speaking. When speaking, at times I can't even get to "the thing with the thing" level - the words are just gone. Any of you who know me really well will realize just how deeply this both annoys and frightens me. However, I also know that when I'm done with the run of the meds, my vocab will return (from the last time I was on the damn stuff) so I'm living in slightly less fear, if no less annoyance.

I went to see Lucky Number Slevin yesterday with faintheart and grouchychris, and we all liked it. It is a tidy little mistaken identity movie with a strong cast and a deft touch of the sort I've found missing in a lot of this type of film since The Usual Suspects. You may notice I don't link to any reviews - that's both to avoid spoilers and because I've not seen a review yet where the writer doesn't say something like "it's a great film except for X, which doesn't make sense", revealing their personal ignorance of X (whatever it may be) rather than any actual flaw in the film. grouchychris opined the ending was over-explained, and I can't really argue, but YMMV as always. Names: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley, Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci... and Josh Hartnett, with whom I was unfamiliar before this, but with whom I was reasonably impressed.

I have to confess the most arresting moment, however, was when the credits revealed the music to have been composed by J. Ralph. That would be Joshua Ralph, in this case, but considering I have been using J. Ralph on manuscript submissions as my pen name, it was a bit unnerving. Heh.

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