Joy (cithra) wrote,

Sisters of Mercy

One of the best times I've ever had at a show, if not the best.

I choose my wording carefully, after a fair bit of consideration. I can't call it the best show I've ever seen, purely from technical details, although I must admit that I could see the band for the entire time I was able to stand up, unlike many. I think I just happened on a lucky angle. Most of the crowd, at least where I was, seemed not terribly into it...

I liked the new songs, I liked what they did with the old songs, I wish they'd release them somehow so I could get a good listen to the new material. I wish I could have danced more, or gone up front, since the nature of things was I probably could have gotten pretty close.

In any case, I really enjoyed seeing the Sisters of Mercy and Andrew Eldritch live. I really never thought it would happen, short of me going to Europe.

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