Joy (cithra) wrote,

the art of losing

I've never pretended to be a tidy person, but I'm organized enough that I can usually lay my hands on what I'm looking for fairly rapidly. Having a profoundly visual memory helps. Thus when I can't find something I get really frustrated.

I seem to be on a losing streak. Beginning with my gloves, which saddens me more than might seem appropriate due to my fondness for them. There is a certain amount of delight in an object that does its job solidly and well, and these gloves were like that; a pleasure to wear beyond simply providing warmth. They fit my hands - rare - and were the perfect weight for the weather here. I know I got them out of the rental car, but I must have dropped them somewhere. I'm hoping they will turn up, still.

Then I spent about an hour yesterday trying to find the website with some floor plans I wanted to show my mom. No luck. I did at least finally find the paperwork I needed to give her.

It's doubly annoying because I'm usually quite good at finding things, say for other people.

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