Joy (cithra) wrote,

The class continues to be fantastic. Despite the exhausting nature of being stuffed into a room full of 35 people all day, I am really enjoying it. He gives a number of other classes and workshops of varying lengths, and I'm really tempted - the problem being they are all over the country/world, and therefore not exactly cheap to attend.

The tradition we are studying is very much about individual empowerment, which coming from my background I doubly appreciate. The practitioner is shown techniques that can be used to seek answers, but they have to come up with their own interpretations of what they find out. One person might suggest to another what a particular thing would mean to them, but there is no guarantee or dogmatic insistence that it would mean the same thing for two different people. Very egalitarian.

I'll probably be home sometime around 5ish depending on how the buses connect up. It's handy, the 16 goes from right next door to 1st Ave. where I can catch the 21, so at least it is an easy trip. What will tip the time balance is whether all the buses get where they are going within the time frames they are supposed to. :) Ah, the sweet capriciousness of Metro.

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