Joy (cithra) wrote,

Casa Que Pasa in the news!

Abel Jordan, the owner of a taco shop & (now) bar in Bellingham that I used to patronize regularly, is defying the indoor smoking ban. Back in my day was before the bar was added, though I have been there since.

It's actually kind of entertaining because the place started out with a definite granola feel - they did vegan/vegetarian fare, and I seem to recall them advertising that they prepared the vegan stuff on its own separate set of kitchenalia. I'm guessing the original owners sold the shop to Jordan - it happens.

As for the smoking ban, I have mixed feelings. No one *has* to go to a bar, so I fail to see why having bars where you can smoke shouldn't work. If you are truly concerned about air quality, go after the people pumping arsenic and lead etc. into the atmosphere at large.

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