Joy (cithra) wrote,

mildly accomplished

Took advantage of a theoretical sun-break to walk down and make a return at Walgreens, which took a little more out of me than I had hoped it would.

I'm going to apply for Clarion this year, again. I didn't last year, because for the first half of the year I was full of other plans: for work, possibly buying a condominium, and even toying with the idea of considering matrimony as an eventual life-state. The second half of the year - well after deadline - I spent crashing, burning and attempting to deal with the flaming wreckage of said plans. While I'm still kicking at embers here and there, my schedule in midsummer is remarkably free of other commitments at the moment. Ergo, why not.

Well, why not other than the usual introvert objections.

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