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After a mere hour's office wait yesterday (truly, I had expected longer) I proved to the Social Security Administration that I was indeed born at the temporal-spacial coordinates I claimed to be, provided them with a few other pieces of paperwork (2 years of insurance receipts and my W2), and thus completed my application for SSA disability benefits. A proof of application receipt is being mailed to me, and when I have that in hand, a major item on the list of Things Required for Disability Retirement will have been accomplished.

A gentleman conversing with me in the waiting area expressed surprise at the length of time things were taking - saying he was glad to be forewarned, that he'd be back in about five months for himself and his retirement arrangements (this visit being accompanying his daughter and her new offspring to obtain a SSN for the latter). I suppose regularly waiting for buses that only come twice an hour has taught me patience, or at least fortitude in the face of delay. Or perhaps working for another Federal agency is what did it. But even though he said he'd never dealt with the government much, I would have thought the idea government == slow was common enough currency that a long line of customers inching through the afternoon should have been expected.

So, a hint for the betterment of humanity: if you have dealings with official offices and you don't have an appointment, expect to take a number and wait. If you do have an appointment, expect a wait anyway, especially if it is Monday or Friday - things get behind. Take a book, or prepare to entertain yourself quietly in some fashion, and you'll have a much happier time of it.

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